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Diploma In Applied Theology

Join this full-time two year course focused on spiritual growth, communication, evangelism and practical skills. The Diploma in Applied Theology is specifically designed to provide a well- rounded preparation for effective ministry and mission.


We understand that your call to Christian service requires more than head knowledge, so we divide our programme into four inter-related disciplines as detailed opposite.

The course is designed so that each year is complete and balanced in itself, preparing you for mission and ministry in God’s world. In second year you will find an increased emphasis on gaining ministry experience in church and on mission placements as well as the development of your research and writing skills as you get to grips with theology.

Our course modules are based with four core programmes as shown below:

four piece jigsaw of four core modulesAssessment is done by means of a combination of written assignments and examinations, while ministry and outreach activities are assessed and evaluated ‘on the job’.