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Gap Year at FMBC


The Faith Mission Bible College ‘Gap Year’ programme lays a strong foundation across the main areas of biblical and theological studies, combined with an introduction to various aspects of Christian mission, ministry, and evangelism.

Over two semesters, students take six core courses covering Old and New Testaments, biblical interpretation, Systematic and Practical Theology, and Church History. There are further practical courses in mission and ministry which, for 2019/20, include approaches to Evangelism, Christian apologetics, discipleship, and ‘servant leadership’ and team-building.


These are 20-credit equivalent courses at Level 7 in the Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework = Level 4 in the Qualifications and Credit Framework, England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Semester 1:

  • Old Testament in Contexts
  • Christian Theology: Tradition and Scripture
  • History of Christianity

Semester 2:

  • New Testament in Contexts
  • Christian Ethics: Life and Scripture

Full Year:

  • Biblical Interpretation

+ Ministry Modules, including Evangelism, Apologetics, Discipleship, and Leadership


Semester 1 runs from Monday 16 September to Friday 29 November. It is preceded by Induction Days (11–13 September), and followed by Revision and Exam weeks (2–13 December). There is a Reading Week (no classes) 21–25 October.

Semester 2 runs from Monday 13 January to Friday 27 March. It followed by Revision and Exam weeks (30 March–9 April). There is a Reading Week (no classes) 17–21 February.

For more information on our Gap Year email our office at admin@fmbiblecollege.org.uk, or phone (0131) 664 4336.