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Biblical Language Courses


Polyglot Psalter (1516)

As part of its regular programme of study, the Faith Mission Bible College offers introductory biblical language courses. These are not delivered during the normal semester sessions, but as two-week “intensive” courses following our Spring semester.

The 20-hours of class time represent the equivalent of an introductory university course (10-credits, SCQF Level 7 = FHEQ Level 4). Successful completion of the course will take you to the stage of being able to read simple prose texts from the Hebrew Bible or Greek New Testament with the aid of a dictionary. This provides a solid basis on which to continue to develop your skills in reading biblical Hebrew or Koine Greek.

Course Details

  • Instructors: Dr David Reimer (Hebrew); Dr Marilyn Burton (Greek)
  • Dates: 26 April – 7 May 2021 (TBC); Mon-Fri, 9:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. (study outside of class time during afternoons/evenings will be required)
  • Fees: £300 tuition (non-residential) + £155 accommodation (includes mid-day meal, excepting weekend)


For further information and registration, contact admin@fmbiblecollege.org.uk; or phone (0131) 664 4336.