TypeOnsite Course
Time2 years
PlaceFaith Mission Bible College
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The Diploma in Applied Theology course has been designed to prepare the diligent student with the necessary understanding, know-how, and motivation to begin Christian ministry in a church or missions context.  Our goal is that at the end of their training students will be recognised as:

  • spiritually mature believers
  • able communicators of the Christian message
  • capable leaders in Christian work.

Your high calling of communicating the gospel and discipling followers of Jesus Christ requires more than head knowledge, and so we divide our programme into four disciplines that provide theoretical, practical, and spiritual elements in a well-rounded preparation for ministry.

  • Communication of the gospel will be theologically informed and consistent, and so the course covers the major doctrines of the Christian faith in the Systematic Theology discipline.
  • The Bible is our central source of revelation about God and his intentions for his creation, and so a key component of this course is Biblical Theology. This introduces the student to every book of the Bible and studies the intention of the author and the contribution each book of the Bible makes to the whole.
  • The Christian life is about doing what God has taught us, and so we spend time in Applied Theology, where systematic and biblical theology intersect with real life situations in the present, in history, in ourselves, and in others.
  • Finally, all our students participate in Practical Theology where skills are learned, developed, and used to serve and encourage each other and the wider community.


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