College Life

We understand that your call to Christian service requires more than head knowledge.

Life at the college provides lots of opportunities for students to grow as able communicators of the Christian message, competent leaders in Christian work, and as spiritually mature believers — outside the classroom, as well as in it!

So, as well as lectures and personal study, our students take part in college devotions, pastoral groups, practical service, and outreach while at the college.

College Devotions

Each morning, Monday to Thursday, we meet together for College Devotions at the beginning of the day. We sing, read the Bible, listen to a short message, and pray. This session is normally led by a student or member of staff, and every student will have at least one opportunity a term to lead College Devotions.

On Fridays, we meet for an extended time of worship, prayer, and ministry.

Pastoral Groups

All students at the College are assigned to a Pastoral Group, which is led by a member of staff. Several times a term, these groups meet for prayer, discussion, and mutual encouragement. We encourage students to make the most of these opportunities to deepen your relationships with other students and staff and to learn from and be shaped by them.

Opportunities to Serve (OTS)

Each week students take part in “OTS” and spend time engaging in practical service. This not only provides students with an opportunity to help with practical tasks around the college and gain new skills, but also to grow in servant-heartedness.


All students will be given a variety of opportunities for involvement in outreach and ministry during their time at the college. 

Students may have opportunities to: lead a meeting; share personal testimony; preach; take part in children’s work, schools work, camps and youth ministry; be involved in open air witness, door to door visitation, street cafe, ladies meetings; do pastoral visiting; speak at prayer meetings; lead Bible studies; or be involved in nursing home meetings.

Full time students will normally work with The Faith Mission staff at different times throughout the year, such as at monthly FM conferences; occasional weekend events; the Bangor Convention; and the Edinburgh Convention. Students will be placed in the UK or Ireland for a period of extended ministry (spring/summer) and also for a camp placement (summer).