Lecture Hall

Seminar Room

Govan Stewart Memorial Library

Reference Room

Online Services


IT Suite

Student Lounge

Dining Hall

The Lecture Hall is fully equipped with up-to-date technical facilities for teaching, with additional rooms and a large hall available in the adjacent Faith Mission Centre when required.

As well as providing space for smaller classes, the Seminar Room provides additional study space. The room is equipped with a projector.

The Govan Stewart Memorial Library is primarily for the use of the staff and students at the College, providing resources for study, teaching, preaching, and Christian service. It contains over 18,000 volumes, with new books being added frequently.

The Reference Room contains all of the library’s reference books. It also has desks providing additional study space.

Students at the College are given a login which gives them access to a range of online services and resources. Students will also have access to FMBC Learn where they can access course materials and resources.

Wi-Fi is available in the Library, Seminar Room, Lecture Hall, Reference Room, Lounge, and can also be accessed from some accommodation areas.

The IT Suite, situated in the Library, is equipped with several computers and a colour printer/copier/scanner. Desks are available for personal laptop use.

A spacious lounge with TV, comfortable chairs, and kitchen facilities.

The Dining Hall is where the students, families, and staff enjoy a tea break (and sometimes a scone!) together every morning.