History of the Bible College



It was just three years before the end of the 19th century, that the first training programme of The Faith Mission took place.

Evangelism of the least evangelised areas of Scotland and then Ireland was the driving force of both the evangelistic endeavours and the training course for that ministry. Bold and audacious gospel adventures were blessed by God’s Holy Spirit: the evidence being the transformed lives of many who became faithful disciples of Jesus Christ at that time.

Substantial property was donated in 1912 to give a permanent home to what would become The Faith Mission Bible College. Then, exactly one hundred years after the formation of the Mission, the College moved, in 1986, to the spacious premises that it now occupies on the south side of the historic city of Edinburgh.

As a ministry of the Faith Mission, the College remains subject to its Statement of Faith.


statue of Thomas Guthrie

On Edinburgh’s impressive Princes Street you can see the statue of Thomas Guthrie (pictured), preacher and philanthropist (1803-1873). His evangelical zeal and Christian compassion were demonstrated by his founding of schools for the poorest children in the old city of his era. Perhaps it is not without significance that one of his educational establishments is now part of our Bible College.

Govan, like Guthrie, had a compassion for people. An incident from Guthrie’s life illustrates this. One day Guthrie was visiting a dying lady. On enquiry he discovered she was without peace and afraid of death. He read the Scripture to her, prayed with her and led her to Christ and then stayed with her until she died. Later he summed up the incident: he met her in a state of grief, led her to a state of grace and left her in a state of glory.


All that happens in the College now at the beginning of the 21st century should motivate the students to exemplify a similar compassion for people. Our mission is to minister to the people of this generation.